Mysterious Finding in the Steppe of Volgograd

You might hear this spring that in Mokraya Olkhovka village of the Volgograd region there were found strange spherical objects and the first version sounded that they found petrified eggs of a dinosaur!

We got a chance to look closer at the interesting finding…They are approximately of the same size – about one meter in the diameter and in the height as well. They consist of silicon, sand and metal so there’s no any connection to dinosaurs … Besides, we may see corrosion on some of them.

Another version: hundreds of millions years ago here was a sea and an active underwater volcano that could produce not only steam but water-insoluble minerals as well. They melted in the volcanic orifice, agglomerated, cooled and sank out.

It’s not a bad idea but it doesn’t explain why these objects have the same spherical shape and are located so close to each other.

It turned out that similar objects have already been found in other areas of the Earth, particularly in Kazakhstan and New Zealand. There is a scientific term to such phenomenon – “Concretion”, according to their discription these objects do look like silicon concretion.

Concretion found in New Zeland.

Concretion found in the steppe of Kazakhstan.

These findings are not protected and anyone may ruin them or take with him … Such indifference is still shocking even for this country.

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