Funniest Action Movie Ever
(Ashamed For Pakistani Film Industry)

Funniest Action Movie

There’s HOLLYWOOD, there’s BOLLYWOOD but hey don’t you ever forget LOLLYWOOD. The following scene is taken from a TOP CLASS action movie which was made in the year 2000. You can imagine the situation of the film industry and the taste of the people if movies like this one are super hits.

Subtitles have been added and some mistakes have been pointed out. But one thing is very dominant in this movie. They never run out of ammo. A 30 round magazine can last many days and a shotgun with capacity of 8 rounds only can go on shooting as long as you want. Enjoy…

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  1. Paki Film industry must have to be shamed of it...!!!!!

  2. With the tears I say that Lollywood is now finished ...!!!!