Visit to an old Muslim Graveyard of Murree Hills

This is the Visit to an oldest GraveYard of a Muslim which located in Murree Hills at Dhobi Ghat, in the way of Musarri Express Way to the Motorway...

Its established in 1808 and about 200 years old GraveYard of Muslims... its divided in to two main portions, one is the uper one and the second is the lower one.. uper one is the newest graveyard from 19''s to onwords and the lower one is 19's & under 19's.... the lower grave yard is very old and accient type of graves are found there.. ....

For more other info please visit our website: WWW.MURREEHILL.CO.CC

Note: This video is not a high quality video so we are sorry for tht, coz we wont have a great sponcers which we do or best work !!!


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